Apply to ORIE Faculty

The School of Operations Research and Information Engineering maintains a leading international reputation resting on core expertise in optimization, probability and statistics.

Apply to Statistics Faculty

The Department of Statistical Science's academic and research programs take advantage of Cornell University's extensive resources, drawing from many colleges and research groups.

Apply to Computer Science Faculty

Faculty hired in these positions will be within the Department of Computer Science, which will span the Ithaca and New York City campuses, but their teaching and research will be based in various fields.

Center of Data Science for Improved Decision-Making

We are establishing a Center for Data Science for Improved Decision-Making on Cornell Campus. The emphasis on our research is to investigate research questions with potential for positive social impact.

Apply to PhD, MS, MEng Programs

Graduate and PhD students from various departments at Cornell, including the ones listed above, have the opportunity to get involved in Machine Learning at Cornell during their times at Cornell.